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Camp Zero is a 4,5 x 9 meter tall igloo built out of life vests from Lesbos to raise awareness for the ongoing refugee problem. Camp Zero offers a three-day-program where you meet the most talented musicians, artists and makers, mostly with a refugee-history.

Camp Zero is an interactive art installation conceived by conceptual artist Sameh Osman. It was first shown at Beyond Festival (29, 30 and 31 July) and is currently being reconstructed at the site of Magneet Festival, Amsterdam.

The work is a 4,5 meter tall Igloo consisting of a copper frame and 750 life jackets from Syrian refugees in Lesbos, aims to raise awareness about the situation of Syrian refugees.

Igloos, originally being the temporary shelter of the Inuit people, protecting them from cold winds and snow, here offer an apt symbolic reference to the many refugees currently in search of, or staying at, a temporary protection zone. Besides offering protection, the Igloo also provides an opportunity for transformation, a place to contemplate and conceive of the next step.

During it’s stay at Magneet Festival, Camp Zero will celebrate this transformative experience and host a three day long program with music and theatre performances coordinated by music collective DAFF, accompanied by nice food and drinks from Syria (Zina’s Kitchen).

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