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DJ DANIELQUIROS brings to Magneet Festival a unique set of electronic music covering different styles such as Minimal Techno, Deep House, Electro, Break Beats… mixing in strictly vinyl and with great skill and precisicion . His passion for music and his connection with the audience will make people experience an unforgettable time in such a special gathering as Magneet Festival.


Daniel Quiros(DJ/Musician) grew up in Malaga in the south of Spain and started to play the electric guitar , spanish guitar and bassguitar at the age of 12 years to later play in several bands.

Big collector and passioned of records , he had his own records shop Minimal Stock in Granada and Amsterdam specialized in vinyl . He has all kind of styles of music which he enjoys mixing strictly in vinyl in all his formats 7\\\”,10\\\”12\\\”.

He is an old school vinyl dj with great skill and precisicion. His passion for music and his connection with the audience will make people experience an unforgettable time , performing all kind of music divides in 3 ranges :

- Electronic music : House, Techno, Minimal Techno,Techno House,deep house, break beat , drum and bass, jungle, hardtek, psycotrance, Ambient , Chill Out , Down Tempo, Broken Beatz, Funky Breaz, …..

- Black Music : Funk, Soul, Jazz, Acid Jazz, Jazz Dance, R&B, Hip Hop, Disco, Reggae, Dub, Dancehall, Ska, Afrolatin , Rap, ……

-Rock music : Rock ,Punk,Metal, Hardcore, Rock and Roll, Blues , Psicobilly , Rockabilly , Garage , New Wave, ska , Hard Rock , Classic Rock , ……

After finishing his studies as Sound technician and Image Technician at Curva Polar and Escuela De Radio y Televion De Granada he decided to move to Amsterdam.

He has worked like DJ in different places in Spain and The Netherlands:

-Club Perfil (Granada, Spain)

-Bar Patapalo (Granada, Spain)

-Yoshiwara club (Granada, Spain)

-Club La Guardilla (Granada, Spain)

-Club obsceno(Granada,Spain)

-Club 113 (Granada, Spain)

-Sala Quilombo(Granada,Spain)

-Sala Luna (Malaga, Spain)

-La Invisible (Malaga,Spain)

-Level Bar (Malaga,Spain)

-Tribe Pub (Granada,Spain)

-Sala Picadilly (Torremolinos ,Spain)

-Efecto club ( Granada , Spain)

-Rude Klub (Granada,Spain)

-The Pink Elephant ( Torremolinos, Malaga)

-Rincon de San Pedro ( Granada , Spain)

-Sala Planta Baja ( Granada, Spain)

-Entresuelo (Granada, Spain )

-Pub el Son ( Granada , Spain )

-Sala Principe (Granada , Spain )

-Kokopelli smartshop (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

-Siberie coffeshop (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

-Cafe The Zen (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

-Kashmir lounge (Amsterdam, The netherlands)

-Cafe Soundgarden (Amsterdam,The netherlands)

-Cafe Thijssen (Amsterdam,The Netherlands)

-The Flying Pig Downtown Hostel (Amsterdam,The Netherlands)

-Cafe´t Molentje (Amsterdam,The Netherlands)

-Vibes Cocktail Bar(Amsterdam,The Netherlands)

-Cafe Frontline (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

-Quasi-modo (Rotterdam,The Netherlands)

-Hannekes Boom (Amsterdam,The Netherlands)

-Cafe Belgique (Amsterdam,The Netherlands)

-ACU (Utrecht,The Netherlands)

-OT301 (Amsterdam,The Netherlands)

-Bourbon Street (Amsterdam, The Netherlands )

-Vrankrijk ( Amsterdam, The Netherlands )

-Roest ( Amsterdamn, The Netherlands)

-CCmuziekcafe (Amsterdan ,The Netherlands)

-Hoppy Days ( Amsterdam, The Netherlands )

-Cue Bar ( Amsterdam , The Netherlands )

-´t Schuim ( Amsterdam , The Netherlands )

-Zest (Amsterdam , The Netherlands )

-The Flying Pig Beach Hostel (Amsterdam, The Netherlands )

-Easy Times Coffeeshop ( Amsterdam , The Netherlands )

-OCCII ( Amsterdam , The Netherlands )

-Noorderlicht Cafe ( Amsterdam , The Netherlands)

-Mono Cafe ( Amsterdam , The Netherlands)

-Volkshotel – Petit Canvas (Amsterdam , The Netherlands)

-Checkpoint Charlie (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

-Vrijplaats Leiden ( Leiden , The Netherlands)

-Cafe Ruig ( Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

-Beach Club De Klink ( Noordwijk , The Netherlands )

Playing with dj´s like :

Poty , Sr. Topo, Benny Yasoto, Juan Mora , Jorge Moliner , Rg. Comfort , John Gallacher, Phill Ross , liuk Skyfunker, Pc-Lexus, Alvaro Pastore ,Christian Motoya, Mk-Ultra , Baba, Rafa Cardenas, Aphonico, Nino De La Morena,Sergei Molina, Rabo In The Dabo, Ras Sjamman , Jose Ibañez,Mike Mago , Stroes , Wolf & Disaster, Axel Savage , Power vs Power , Brutuzz, Sjam , David Siles , Govinda, Nuru , Lagartija Pinchadiscos , Olmo , Steven Hc , Sefa, Alex,Dj Irie ,Dj – Xl ,Rene Engels, Arjuna Schicks, Olivier Wouter, Patrice Baumel , Lady Freedom,Aitor Palomo, V Taylor, 40JO´S, Fonky Tuur ,G4br1,Batted, Tan h , Berry Juice,Dj Virus , Tone Look , Crash Minds,Geon , Kullman ,Mr.San, vega selecta ,Dj Anam , kingston hi fi ,carlos valdes , sandrien, tettero, juan sanchez , Djd miss worl , Key town sound , Crucial warrior sound ,……

Bands like :

Sr. Camoni, James & Black , The Bonesinner , Eddy Velman & Friends, The John Haze Band , Rob Taekema & Friends , Sabrosa , Les Biftecs, Vunzige Hitjes ,The Galileo Argument, Adinda & Band , Jean francois fierling, Monocroma, Nonac, Pan de Muerto, Demiurgo,Captain Flesbek, Soul ´n´Beyond , The Ragbags, Itchy Teeh , Neutral Ground Brass Band , Span Crank ,Andrew Lareth Band, Shagging Ponies , Sugar Ray , Dead Flowers , Joe , The Cheesy Trio , The Big Five , Bought & Soul ,Fee &Art of Bridge , Autonomads , 100 raisons , Zibabu , Lost Union , Primeval Soup , Silence Means Death , Kapot , Frankenberries,Dead City Riot , The Burners Rude Pride , Mise en Scene , Skaandal, the gipsy niglo trio , trikosis,Sleep kit , Sheer Mag, Kanipchen-Fit , The Flamenca Thief , Laura Cannell, Sterk water , Oorcontanct, …..

And Radios like :

Radio Kashmir lounge (Amsterdam), Doblesound Radio(Spain), Com.class Radio(Spain), Radio Patapoe (Amsterdam ) …..

Also at big events / festivals like:

Queen´s day (Amsterdam), King´s day (Amsterdam) , Magneet festival 4 edition(Amsterdam ), Alerta Alerta Festival (Amsterdam ),San Juan Beach Parade (Spain) , Amsterdam Kookt (NSDM, Amsterdam ), The Pirate bay (NSDM,Amsterdam), Piggy Pop ( Noorwijk ),Magneet festival 5 edition (Amsterdam ), Annual meeting of the Smartshops in The Netherland (VLOS ) , Vrijplaast Festival ( Leiden ) …….

You can listen my sets in:

and you can see videos and photos in