Experience Yourself Through Exploring Your Voice

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"I attended Kirstyns' workshop … and I was amazed at the power of the experience. What beautiful instruments our voices are! Even those who swear they can't sing would love this adventure because it's not about singing but a personal exploration of the wonders of our own voice. I was moved to tears and then to laughter several times. I have taken this experience with me and continue to explore… I'd encourage anyone who gets the opportunity to go to one of these workshops. You'll be amazed!" – Trish Mac, former participant.

This is an opportunity to journey within in a comfortable group setting and be guided into a unique and authentic form of expression and self-exploration through the voice!

This is not a singing workshop (although singers are, of course, more than welcome to attend!) therefore, singing experience is not required.

The experience differs with each workshop depending on the group dynamic and individuals’ experience.
It can be funny, confronting, insightful, relieving, emotional and/or connecting!

It is important that each participant feels relaxed and open to express their voice authentically while also being supportive and respectful to the others. This is done by a willingness to move through resistance and fear! Always a great challenge! ;)

This workshop is not being held in a teacher-student format. Kirstyn will be guiding and facilitating, but is not claiming that the participants will conclude in a specific result. The workshop shall be a co-creation of all involved through the energy, sound, sharing and will to express, that each contributes.

Kirstyn is simply providing a method in a safe space and facilitating an opportunity for the participants to explore and express themselves.

The workshop involves, physical and vocal exercises, vocal playtime (!), some guided meditations, opportunities to share reflections (not obligatory) and an attitude of respect and support to be upheld by all who attend.

All seriousness aside, this is also an opportunity to have a lot of fun, make a lot of sound and to really PLAY!

Kirstyn is an English born Australian and will be conducting the workshop in English.
She has been singing and traveling since a young age and over time, her curiosity about the Voice has grown. She has been facilitating this workshop in Belgium and Australia and looks forward to bringing it to festivals in Holland this summer!