Guy Gravier

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Through a blessing from the pokergods at the beginning of 2010, Gijs van der Grinten − playing under the pseudonym Guy Gravier − is finally in the position to acquire long craved for DJ-gear. This would mark the beginning of his adventures with mixing his favorite music together.
Fastforward to 2012: he finally gets his shot to play at the Chicago Social Club. This would mark the beginning of a still ongoing residency at De Nachtdivisie where he plays with a local group of friends and internationally established artists. Besides that he also played various other clubs in Amsterdam, including: Studio 80, AIR, Paradiso, Toren, Westerunie, Up and Sugarfactory.

Back to the ‘now’. So far, 2014 has been good to Gijs: he started hosting a weekly Tuesday night at the freshly opened and super ‘gezellige’ club Disco Dolly. Here he has the opportunity to play lenghty sets with his friends and to display his various musical tastes and inspirations. These include everything and everyone involved with Bob Marley’s revolutionary music and message of love to Ricardo Villalobos’ ingenuity behind the decks, Inland Knights’ jacking funk to James Brown’s funking jack, J Dilla’s unfathomable drive to contemporary motorcity legends as Moodymann and Theo Parrish, Dr. Dre’s impeccable beats on 2001 to Daft Punk’s modern legacy, Richie Hawtins technological inspiration to Chic’s timeless groove, Stevie Wonder’s wonders to Gemini’s mystical mixing, and from Mr. G’s whipping rides to Groove Armada’s wide pallet of music: just to name a few.

Always searching for a soul-induced, jacking groove with an affinity for vocals and hi-hats; best served with a beverage of your choice.