Mamma Nomad; Raising baby Joyaa on the road

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We travel the world, and from our travels we bring only the most beautiful of treasures, made in collaboration with young Indian designers. With the profits we will keep on traveling, showing little Joyaa the world and her beauties, and start loving projects in the developing countries we visit.

My name is Sammy, and I am Mamma Nomad. Me, my sweet love Tom and our beautiful baby Joyaa have a dream: to travel the world together.

Tom and I found eachother in Thailand while traveling. We fell in love. Together we traveled to Nepal, where in the beautiful Himalayas something truly magical happened – I was pregnant ❤️

With my belly and our hearts filled with love we traveled through India to the place where we met a few years before. There, in our beautiful house next to the monastery, with a hundred butterflies in the garden, little Joyaa was born.

She was so beautiful..

We promised eachother to never stop doing what we love most, and we decided to make our mission to show Joyaa a different kind of life on this incredible Earth, with all her beautiful natures, creatures and cultures.

With our little baby Joyaa in our arms we traveled back to Mama India, where we got inspired to work with some local artists to make incredible beautiful jewelry, clothing and other items. – ‘Mamma Nomad’ was born. All of our treasures are something special, many carry incredible spiritual value, sacred geometry and precious stones out of the Himalayas. All handcrafted in a magical holy town called Pushkar. A tiny oasis in the desert in the middle of India.

We have handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets, finger- and toerings. Silk skirts made out of vintage sarees, headbands made from recycled silk, money belts made from upcycled cotton and handpainted round mandala throws.

With the profit we make from the sales these treasures, we want to keep on traveling. Showing our baby Joyaa a different kind of life, raising her on the road, letting her little personality be shaped by this beautiful Earth, with all her natures, cultures and creatures.

We live a simple life, we don’t need much, so we gave ourselves a budget of 7000 euros a year. Every penny we will earn more than this we will spend on starting or supporting projects in the countries that we visit.

We would love to present you our treasures on our beautiful market stall at Magneet this year, and you can help us with voting for us!

Thank you thank you thank you!

All our love,
Sammy, Tom and Joyaa ❤️