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High Tech Jam Sessions

Improvisatie, Collaboratie en Innovatie. Live muziek met zowel electronische als accoustische instrumenten en andere technologische en muzikale innovatie. Iedereen kan inspringen in de jamsessie met een eigen instrument of met de gekke aanwezige apparaten en instrumenten die door het ervaren team tot een unieke totaalmix worden samengesmolten.

Despite the numerous developments in technology and growth of the electronic scene, the amount of live-instruments, performance and improvisation in this scene barely increased over the last 25 years. Also, the infrastructure in clubs is still mainly aimed at placing one deejay, usually without his or her own gear or instruments. Nevertheless, the exceptions (electronic acts with expressiveness and innovative elements) are very desirable and gladly seen by the crowd.

Producers and other creatives such as synthesizer enthusiasts and live musicians are full of creative energy, skills and passion for electronic music. But because it's not easy or common to get an electronic act on stage, most of this energy remains in the studio, invisible for the audience.

Right now is the time for creating new standards and possibilities for collaboration, formations and live-improvisation for the electronic music scene.

Symbiotic Sessions aims to create guidelines and an infrastructure for innovative creativity on stage. By doing, experimenting, documenting and sharing knowledge.