The Bunga Bunga Experience

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It’s danceable, fun, hot, sexy and with a necessary amount of depth.

The BUNGA BUNGA Experience

The phenomenal electro-acoustic dance band The Bunga Bunga Experience brings you an elaborate mix of electronic beats, alluring horn lines, seductive bass and pulsing guitar riffs. The band consists of five very diverse musicians whose paths crossed in The Netherlands in 2015. The Bunga Bunga Experience is a vision brought to life by the band’s guitarist Sandro, wanting to create the music he’d like to listen to but never dared to ask for. Bunga Bunga offers you the unexpected piece of the party contributing their own sultry taste to it.

The band members; guitarist Sandro Fazio (I/F), drummer and vocalist Bartho Staalman (NL), trumpet and vocalist Sylvia Hlynsdottir (IS), saxophonist Linus Kleinlosen (D) and bassist and vocalit Felix Barth (D), have previously worked with known artists such as Bjork, Tineke Postma, Francesco Bearzatti, Martijn Vink and Sean Bergin to name a few.

“The Bunga Bunga Experience skillfully served us a light and playful vibe with their fantastic music. They brought a smile to everyone’s face and we couldn’t stop dancing all night long!. Definitely worth checking out.” – M.M.